High compartment baskets

Product number: 108D to 115D
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Compartment size 56 mmProduct nr: 108D
Capacity 49 glasses
Compartment size 65 mmProduct nr: 110D
Capacity 36 glasses
Compartment size 81 mmProduct nr: 113D
Capacity 25 glasses
Compartment size 95 mmProduct nr: 115D
Capacity 16 glasses

Product specifications


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The ideal basket for the serving staff, as well as for dishwashing, transportation, and storage of glassware. The glasses are placed in compartments that prevent breakage and wear. Due to its low weight and compact size, the serving staff can conveniently carry the basket on their arm during table setting. The high compartment insert is intended for extremely tall glasses or glasses where the base diameter is larger than the bowl.


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Made of injection moulded polypropylene, colour-coded, featuring grooves in the compartments to ensure optimal drying results. The basket can be tilted during washing when inserted into a Nordien-System 50×50 cm dishwashing basket.


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In the dishwashing machine.


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Dimensions: 46×46 cm
Height: adjustable to glass height

Compartment Sizes:
Item No. 108D = 56 mm, capacity 49 glasses
Item No. 110D = 65 mm, capacity 36 glasses
Item No. 113D = 81 mm, capacity 25 glasses
Item No. 115D = 95 mm, capacity 16 glasses


In common

Item No. 010B/010G Dishwashing Basket
Item No. 134 Drip tray

Basket trolleys in various designs.

When placing an order, please provide the height and the largest diameter of the glass. Note that sometimes the foot’s diameter can be the largest diameter.

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