Tray served meals

The big challenge for restaurants with tray served meals is to handle varying volumes. Let us help to develop a strategy for your serving tray.

Dishwashing areas for large restaurants and dining rooms with tray serving

Together, we plan the dish handling according to your restaurant’s needs, the flow of the guests in the restaurant, the building’s design and area available. Through us you have access to unique knowledge and more than 50 years of experience in customized dishwashing flows for variable volumes. You get a proposal that includes investment and expected operating cost, environmental impact, use of space and flow, work environment, cleaning and handling of food waste.

Typical restaurants with tray served meals

Modern wash-up areas have efficient equipment and effective workflows that can be operated with different manning levels depending upon load.

Typical restaurants with tray served meals are:

  • Staff restaurants
  • Lunch restaurants
  • Food Courts
  • Large department stores
  • Military restaurants

Questions to help develop a strategy

Let us help and develop a strategy for your serving tray based on the following questions:

What level of manning is suitable for the plant, based on number and distribution of guests during the days of the week?

The most efficient workflow for the overall economy and the cost per meal?

How is the work of alternative system, more mechanized and less manual or more basic and more manual?

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