Leading supplier of modern dishwashing solutions

The optimal flow in dish handling is cost-effective, sustainable and caring.

Modern solutions

In the profitable restaurant dishwashing effectively follows the pace of the variable volumes at the lowest cost with the least possible manhours.

Dishwashing systems

When we design solutions, we focus on people, hygiene, environment and profitability. With well-designed dishwashing systems, we create the conditions for a cost effective flow, high quality result and good service from the dishwashing area to the restaurant and the kitchen.

Logistics in the large kitchen

From dirty to clean. Well thought-out logistics and modern dishwashing systems handle large flows of tableware in hospitals, schools, central kitchens, food courts and staff restaurants.

Food waste is a resource

7 kg food waste become biogas equivalent of 1 liter of gasoline and fertilizer. Eco Waste Away can manage food waste for a kindergarten as well as a restaurant and a hospital kitchen by grinding it and suction to a storage tank or a de-watering device.

The right equipment and accessories give:

Better cleaning results and less breakage.
Reduced water, energy and chemicals consumption.
Lower staff costs and better working environment.


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