Furnishings, equipment and aids adapted to cleaning routines.

Unik lösning för din verksamhet

Cleaning procedures and equipment within catering kitchens have developed slowly. Cleaning is still physically strenuous work in the majority of catering kitchens. In order to be able to serve the customer “safe food”, furnishings, equipment and tools should, from the very beginning, be adapted to cleaning procedures that ensure excellent microbiological results.

Increased productivity – decreased environmental impact

The Lagafors method makes surfaces microbiologically cleaner quicker. Water consumption is reduced in that the water volume is replaced by an increase in pressure.

The method is better for the environment thanks to decreased chemical usage through dosage control.

It saves energy through a reduction in the volume of water used and by having a controlled temperature. What is more, less physical effort is required due to the increased water pressure and correct choice of chemical.

Undefined cleaning

– Excessive use of hot water
– Excessive use of energy
– Excessive use of chemicals
– Difficult access, unsafe hygiene
– Tedious and time consuming
– Biofilm remaining on surfaces
– Never completely odourless

Foam cleaning - increased pressure

+ Low chemical usage
+ Controlled water temperature, usage and elevated water pressure
+ Reduced environmental impact
+ Complete cleaning in 3 steps
+ Microbiologically clean
+ Easier access, less work
+ Proven methodology from the food industry
+ Fresh and clean, smells good

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