Hospital kitchens

Do you need help planning a modern and efficient dishwashing system in your hospital kitchen? Take help from us.

Dishwashing areas for hospital kitchens

Need help planning a modern and efficient washing plant in your hospital kitchen? Let us help. We have designed many dish washing areas and installed various systems in Swedish and Nordic hospital kitchen. Our solutions include energy efficiency, environmental impact, use of space, work environments, cleaning and recycling of food waste.

Extra high hygiene requirements

Hygiene requirements are of course particularly high in a hospital kitchen. Our washing systems meet hospital kitchen’s high hygiene requirements. The dishes are effectively managed in stages from dirty to clean. The washing area is designed so that the trays and the food waste from patients in the wards are kept separate.

A knowledge we have built up from many hospital kitchen and therefore we can offer flexible and efficient dishwashing systems. Automated solutions take care of food waste, heavy lifting and cleaning of equipment and all surfaces in the kitchen area.

Food distribution and tray setting

There is a logical connection between the dishwashing, storage of goods, tray setting and trolleys for food distribution. Today we can offer refrigerated tray setting conveyors and portioning stations which make it possible to set trays hygenically safe with chilled food at room temperature. Through our collaboration with Electro CALORIQUE we can offer trollies for food distribution that retain the food’s correct temperature on the warm and cold side.

  • Tray trolleys with built-in heating and cooling
  • Tray trolleys with terminals for heating and cooling
  • Bulk trollies


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