Food waste

Diskomat offers knowledge, waste systems and experience from projects regarding preschools to large hospitals and staff restaurants.

A clean and odour-free kitchen without waste

Waste management, which used to be an onerous task and a risk factor in terms of hygiene, can now be largely automated, resulting in cleaner kitchens and safe hygiene, both for your guests and for your staff.

With our solutions, the storage in open containers and manual handling of kitchen waste is avoided. Instead, the waste is transported from the kitchen into a tank, which is positioned to allow easy access for collection by a vacuum truck.

Diskomat has the knowledge and the products necessary to fulfil the modern catering kitchens’ high demands on efficiency, hygiene and safety. We customise solutions to suit your business. We base our solutions on the amount of waste that is formed and the type of waste that you deal with.

Hospital and staff restaurants

Restaurants and caterers face strong demands for efficiency, hygiene and safe handling of food. Diskomat offers knowledge, waste systems, and experience from projects for the nursery to big hospitals and canteens. We start from the amount of waste and the type of waste to be handled when we present a unique solution for your business.

Waste management in hospitals and canteens

The requirements of hygiene in hospitals is high and the corresponding requirements on the safety of the waste. Diskomat creates silent, hygienic and closed efficient solutions for waste management for the hospital kitchens and staff restaurants.

Environmentally friendly energy with Eco Waste Away

We have developed the Eco Waste Away, a waste system that handles up to 2 000 liters of food waste per hour. Eco Waste Away collects and transports the organic biodegradable food waste from the kitchen to a tank. The waste is emptied into a hopper on the bench, ground into a paste carried by vacuum suction through a pipe to a storage tank. One to two times a month emptying by slurry tank car and transported to a facility that converts mass to the new environment-friendly CO2 nutral energy in the form of biogas and fertilizer.

Benefits of Eco Waste Away:

  • Automated
  • No waste is handled manually or stored in open containers
  • Cleaner kitchen
  • Safe hygiene for staff and guests
  • The food waste will become more environmentally-friendly energy
  • Suction of food waste directly into the tank
  • Closed system – invisible and odourless
  • No intersekting flows
  • No manual handling and heavy lifting
  • Zero tariff for collection of foodstuffs
  • No need for chilled waste rooms
  • Saves time and space
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cleaned with normal water

Eco Waste Away-Mini
Eco Waste Away-Midi
Eco Waste Away-Maxi


Recycle your food waste into green energy...

Food waste is biodegradable and can be used to produce biogas. The gas is used as vehicle fuel or in the production of electricity and heat. Biogas is the cleanest vehicle fuel on the market and releases significantly less environmental and hazardous emissions than fossil fuels.

Biogas has a prominent role in efforts regarding renewable energy sources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce oil dependency and safeguard supplies. The EU fuel directive includes the target that at least 10 per cent of vehicle fuel in the EU should be renewable by 2020.

In Sweden, biogas could potentially replace more than 12 per cent of the fossil fuels used today.

  • A car can drive 2.5 km on a garbage bag of decomposed food waste.
  • A car that runs on biogas avoids carbon emissions of 2,800 kg per year compared to a petrol powered car.

Sources: Avfallssverige (Swedish Waste Management), Naturvårdsverket (the Swedish
Environmental Protection Agency)


...and minimise handling

Meanwhile, by harnessing the energy that is in your food waste you can reduce both costs and the time spent on waste management. Manual handling of dirty and heavy containers and sacks can be replaced by a collection system that easily grinds and sucks the waste into a storage tank. The system is completely closed and means that the process is hygienic, invisible and odour free. You no longer require cool areas for storing the waste, which means savings can be made in terms of space and energy.

Food waste is a resource

8 kg gives
• Biogas = 1 liter petrol
• Fertiliser
• Biogas gives 0 kg CO 2 emissions

1 liter petrol gives 2.7 kg CO 2

World-class waste management

+ Food waste becomes green energy
+ Suction of food waste directly to tank
+ Closed system – invisible, no odours
+ No intersecting flows
+ No heavy lifting or manual handling
+ Low fees for collection of food waste
+ No need for refrigerated waste areas
+ Saves time and space

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