Dishwashing area

We help you combine the efficiency and quality with the right technology to create the optimum dishwashing room. Through us, you get access to experience and knowledge from thousands tailored dishwashing areas.

Modern dishwashing with good logistics

Diskomat build modern dishwashing areas with good logistics. We take into account operating costs, ergonomics and hygiene. We install sorting tables at the right height and automation takes care of the heavy lifting in the large kitchen. Short stretch distance, less turning and grip handles are examples of good conditions that lead to efficient workflows.

The modern dishwashing contribute to:

  • Lower costs and better overall economy
  • Better working environment
  • Lower energy costs
  • Less environmental impact
  • Efficient waste handling
  • Safe hygiene
  • Less waste of resources

A new dishwashing area from Diskomat that is seen and felt

Increasing energy costs reduce a company’s profits. With energyefficient solutions and work methods, companies can increase their profits and be more environmentally friendly.

Authorities, the public and customers are increasingly demanding that businesses use less energy and reduce their environmental impact.

Corporate commitment to environmental and social responsibility is an important strategic process that strengthens corporate identity and attracts the right employees and customers.

Diskomat creates modern dishwashing areas that focus on people, hygiene, environment and profitability. A dishwashing area from Diskomat uses considerably fewer resources and man-hours than traditional solutions. And with a modern way of thinking, your food waste become a resource, rather than a burden.

The modern dishwashing area has a greater focus on efficiency and quality in serving the restaurant and kitchen. A well thought out approach combined with modern and appropriate equipment makes the washing process more efficient and hygienic.

Your employees avoid double handling and can look forward to a more pleasant and healthier environment.

Investing in a new and modern dishwashing area from Diskomat is a profitable and practical commitment to the environment, employees and guests. For us at Diskomat, it is important that the result of your investment makes a difference and is visible, measurable and tangible.

A World-class dishwashing area


+ Clean items in the right place at the right time
+ High service level to restaurant/kitchen
+ Well trained and established procedures
+ Less stress, higher status, increased job satisfaction
+ Appropriate ergonomic equipment
+ Optimal flow frees up time and space
+ Minimises breakages

Dishwashing equipment

+ Measurable savings of energy and water
+ Reduced CO2 and chemical emissions
+ Measurable reduction of emissions
+ Comfortable humidity, temperature and noise level
+ Good ergonomics
+ Fewer man-hours
+ Good workplace

Dishwashing area

+ Right equipment relieves staff
+ Comfortable temperature and air quality
+ Established procedures, safer workplace
+ Fewer lifting, turning and stretching movements
+ Healthier staff, fewer vacancies, unfamiliar temps
+ Ability to adjust staffing to demand
+ Requires fewer man-hours

World class dishwashing areas and environmental work

Concrete results that make a difference.

Restaurant service

+ The dishwashing area’s distinct role increases the quality of the restaurant’s service
+ High level of service to kitchen and restaurant
+ Hygiene guaranteed as required by law
+ Staff who perform with reduced stress
+ The time saved can be spent on customer service
+ Enhancing the overall experience among guests


+ Concrete, measurable and communicable environmental actions
+ Reduction of CO 2 emissions
+ Reduced water and energy consumption
+ Less chemicals and eutrophication of lakes and seas
+ Modern waste management provides new renewable energy from food waste

Working environment

+ Less stress and congestion
+ Safe hygiene in the dishwashing area and the restaurant
+ Comfortable temperature and low humidity
+ Clear routines and duties provide a safer workplace
+ Status, participation and motivation, the dishwashing area is an essential service function that helps to deliver and generate revenue


+ Fewer manual tasks
+ Reduced double handling
+ Better working posture
+ Less lifting, twisting and stretching movements


+ Fewer man-hours spent washing dishes
+ Reduced costs for energy and water
+ Reduced costs for chemicals
+ Well thought out investment – higher returns
+ Longer working life of the dishwashing area and dishwashing equipment
+ Less downtime
+ Less absenteeism
+ Lower or no cost for waste management
+ Fewer breakages
+ Efficient delivery system optimises the customer revenues

What type of cuisine can we help you with?

Dishwashing systems

Efficient dish handling is about getting the best out of the floor space in the restaurant’s dish room. When we develop new solutions, we place people, hygiene, the environment and profitability at the center.

Restaurant kitchens

There is no doubt that the restaurant manager wants to serve a dining experience on clean plates with spotless glasses and cutlery. An overall experience that is made better by efficient dish handling together with a well-thought-out flow between the restaurant’s dish room, kitchen and service.

Tray serving meals

The big challenge for restaurants with tray service is managing varying volumes. The modern washroom has the right equipment and efficient workflows that work throughout the day.

Hospital kitchens

Do you need help planning a modern and efficient dishwashing system in your hospital kitchen? We have designed many dishwashing rooms and installed different dishwashing systems in Swedish and Nordic hospital kitchens.

School- & central kitchens

We help the school kitchen create hygienic and optimal dish handling between the central kitchen, the school canteen and back to the central kitchen.

Flight catering kitchens

Diskomat has installed many dish rooms with functional and energy-smart dish systems in flight kitchens around the world. We have learned that efficiency is a basic requirement for a functioning flight kitchen.

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