Dishwashing systems

Efficiency is about getting the best out of the area for dishwashing. Every kitchen requires its own unique solution.

People, hygiene, environment and profitability at the center

Efficiency is about getting the best out of the area for dishwashing. When we develop new solutions, we place human, hygiene, environment and profitability in the center. With good strategy and a well-designed dishwashing area we create the conditions for a cost effective flow, high quality and good service from the dish washing area to the restaurant and the kitchen.

We help you all the way from purchase and setup to start-up and maintenance. We test the equipment in our facility in Stockholm before the washing system is installed in your kitchen. That means we need less time when we install the equipment in your kitchen and save money for you and for us.


Improved profitability is the sum of good ergonomics, safe hygiene and a workflow that consists of fewer steps in the washing process. We install dish washing systems with variable volumes for large and small a la carte restaurants and large kitchens. We assist you all the way from idea to a complete dishwashing characterized by:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Less man hours
  • Lower energy, water and chemical usage
  • Satisfied employees
  • Sustainable management of food waste


Man and ergonomics

Avoid double handling and heavy lifting. Design for flexibility and ergonomics where heavy lifting is automated, resulting in lower staff turnover and absenteeism. Modern washing room smells good, the temperature and humidity are balanced to create a good working enviromment.

Increase job satisfaction and productivity with:

  • Short stretch distance and less turning
  • Fewer manual operations
  • Heavy lifting is handled by robots



  • Dishwashing with high standards of hygiene handles clean dishes with minimal contacts.
  • Food waste is ground and sucked directly to a tank – not intersecting flows.
  • Cleaning of furnishings, equipment and facilities adapted with procedures that contribute to a microbiological good results.



Food Waste Management

7 kg food waste becomes biogas equivalent of 1 liter of gasoline and fertilizer. We have the knowledge and Eco Waste Away, a proprietary waste system that handles up to 2 000 liters of food waste per hour. EcoWaste owner can manage food waste for both a kindergarten as the restaurant and catering industry by grinding and sucking it into a storage tank.

Environment and sustainability

Modern disk arrays helps to lower consumption of both water and chemicals

We use Lagafors method, a market-foam cleaning technology that is also used in the food industry. The method is better for the environment by the consumption of chemicals drops by controlled dosing. The surfaces become microbiologically cleaner in less time, increased pressure consume less water.

Rough disk is usually ergonomically stressful and time consuming. First soaking and washing dishes by hand, since traditional dishwashers, a process that consumes chemicals and hot water and is expensive, time consuming, and harmful to our environment.

Diskomat install potwashers as blast potwashing clean with plastic granules without requiring much chemicals, water or man hours.

Planning a new disk system?

We help you develop an energy efficient and profitable cleaning system for your kitchen.

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