Gable pipes/brackets

Product number: 651 to 654
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2 sorting shelvesProduct nr: 651
Width: 120 mm Height: 800 mm
1 sorting shelfProduct nr: 652
Width: 120 mm Height: 480 mm
2 sorting shelvesProduct nr: 653
Bredd: 365 mm Height: 500 mm
1 st sorteringshyllaProduct nr: 654
Bredd: 365 mm Höjd: 365 mm

Product specifications


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The brackets/gable pipes are used to attach sorting shelf Art. No. 650 to the wall or bench. The shelf is designed to be adjustable in height and angle.


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Manufactured in fully welded stainless steel design with 30×30 mm square tubes and flat iron.


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Wipe as needed with all-purpose cleaner.


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1 or 2 sorting shelves for bench mounting:

Item No. 651: 2 sorting shelves, width: 120 mm, height: 800 mm

Item No. 652: 1 sorting shelf, width: 120 mm, height: 480 mm

Item No. 653: 2 sorting shelves, width: 365 mm, height: 500 mm

Item No. 654: 1 sorting shelf, width: 365 mm, height: 365 mm


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The image shows bracket item no. 652 (left) and item no. 654 (right).
Used to attach sorting shelf item no. 650 to the wall or bench.

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