Ergoman Semi Pro

Product number: 422V-30
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Semi Pro is designed for  the professional  kitchen but can also be  used in the home kitchen and gives it an exciting boost compared to a conventional tap. The nozzle of the kitchen faucet can be varied between two spray patterns, such as a concentrated jet or a shower.


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  • Single-lever mixer with combined shower and stream nozzle.
  •  High-gloss chrome-plated brass.
  • Solder points free from cadmium and lead.
  • Seals approved by KTW, withstands hot water up to 90°C.
  •  Equipped with a check valve according to EN1717. Intended for normal water pressure, 3-8 bar.
  • Temperature and flow control with ceramic cartridge.


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Dimensions: See the back.

RSK-Number: 8400048


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Item No. 422-30 A: Semi Pro shower hose.
Item No. 422-30 B: Semi Pro shower/spray nozzle.
Item No. 422-30 C: Semi Prosupport spring.
Item No. 422-30 D Semi Pro support bracket complete.
Item No. 422-30 E: Semi Pro ceramic valve.
Item No. 422 J: Semi Pro sealing kit.

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Combined hand shower/stream function that can be easily installed with advantages in open kitchens, cafes, laundromats, as well as home kitchens. Applications include rinsing salads, lentils, vegetables, and other food items, as well as filling containers. Switching between shower and stream functions is done with a simple button press. The shower function also simplifies the cleaning of the sink.

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