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Basket with a low side for cups and glasses. Well-suited for various settings such as self-service areas and employee dining spaces featuring serving stations, the design facilitates easy access for guests to their glasses or cups. The basket proves highly practical for efficient sorting and dishwashing, thanks to its low-profile sides that reduce lifting effort and simplify the filling process.


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Injection moulded polypropylene, beige, stackable, with smooth sides and a low profile. Ergonomically placed handle diagonally for a better grip and balance. The basket features a unique construction with a rhombic, large-meshed bottom to allow optimal drainage of wash/rinse water. With a lightweight design, double walls, and stable construction, it is stackable, environmentally friendly in colour, and compatible with all commonly used dishwashing machines for 50×50 cm dishwashing baskets available in the market.


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In the dishwashing machine.


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Approximately 30 – 40 cups/glasses.


In common

Item No. 119 Cover for baskets
Item No. 135 Stainless steel drip tray
Item No. 153 Insert for cups
Item No. 154 Overlay grid
Item No. 155 Cover grid


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500 mm
500 mm
106 mm
1,5 kg

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