Basket rack

Product number: 941-5 to 941-12
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Choose variation
5 basketsProduct nr: 941-5
Spacing between guides 298 mm
6 basketsProduct nr: 941-6
Spacing between guides 237 mm
7 basketsProduct nr: 941-7
Spacing between guides 197 mm
8 basketsProduct nr: 941-8
Spacing between guides 168 mm
9 basketsProduct nr: 941-9
Spacing between guides 147 mm
10basketsProduct nr: 941-10
Spacing between guides 130 mm
11 baskets Product nr: 941-11
Spacing between guides 116 mm
12 basketsProduct nr: 941-12
Spacing between guides 105 mm

Product specifications


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Stand for storing clean crockery in 46×46 cm dishwashing baskets.


In common

Sturdy stand for cups and glasses. Frame in stainless steel with four extra-high adjustable feet. Rails in polypropylene with stoppers at one end. The stand can be used in chilled rooms. Space for 5-12 dishwashing baskets.


In common

With all-purpose cleaners.


In common

Space for 5-12 baskets.


In common

Item No. 933A Adjusting clamps.

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